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I N V E C T   C A S E   S T U D Y

Invect is a Start Up initiative within a global company. Burling London was approached in the summer of 2015 to develop Invect, an internal program designed to unify all the company’s global initiatives under the umbrella of a development team in London.

We started by understanding the objectives and the real motivations behind the program. This included countless interviews with staff and key stakeholders. The assumption was that Invect would exist is a portal that only the selected few would access.


1. I N S I G H T

Staff had so many ideas that never saw the light of day because there were no internal  processes in place. We changed this.

We defined INVECT as the hub for ideas generated by staff.  It wasn’t a portal, but a living breathing internal platform that allows global interaction between staff, exchange of ideas, case studies and best practice to be shared easily and seamlessly. We created the brand identity, brand strategy and defined the values behind the program.





2. A D A P T I V E   C A S E   S T U D Y







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